Seattle Police Department Animal Removal

FREE HELP: Seattle Police Department: (206) 625-5011

The Seattle Police Department does not typically handle animal complaints. Those are under the jurisdiction of the King County Animal Control at 206-296-7387. But from time to time, in certain emergency situations, the police might help. But it's not being a good citizen to call the police about a wild animal problem. That is not the intended purpose of the Seattle police department. But if you're broke and desperate and you're used to calling the police to solve your problems for you, I guess no one can stop you. But you'd be better off simply leaving the animal alone, or solving the problem yourself, or using any of the other free Seattle resources to help. click here for FREE Seattle animal removal resources that aren't the police, such as the King County animal services, or the Washington Wildlife Commission, or a Seattle Wildlife Rehabilitation clinic.

FREE HELP: Washington Wildlife Commission: 360-902-2200
FREE HELP: King County Animal Control: 206-296-7387
FREE HELP: Seattle Wildlife Rehabilitation: (206) 799-6403
FREE HELP: Seattle police department: (206) 625-5011
PAY SERVICE: US Wildlife Removal: 206-829-4744
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Remember, you should never dial 911 for free wildlife removal in Seattle by the cops. The local King County sheriff office and Seattle police department do not handle wildlife control issues, nor will they remove dangerous wild animals such as snakes, raccoons, rats, bats, birds, skunks, or any other animal for free. There are better places to call: click here.

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